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A commitment to a once-in-a-lifetime passenger experience

About Hot Air Expeditions

Hot Air Expeditions was founded in 1991 when Margie and Randy Long, a married couple living in Illinois, got the ballooning bug after an awe-inspiring morning of watching hot air balloons seemingly float effortlessly among the clouds. Their first endeavor was a move to Phoenix, Arizona, which boasts the most flyable days per year for ballooning of anywhere in the country, and the purchase of a small balloon. With the purchase of their first hot air balloon, Randy obtained his pilot’s license and Margie ran the behind-the-scenes operations. They began carrying two passengers at a time, and quickly blossomed. Hot Air Expeditions is now one of the largest capacity hot air balloon ride operators in the United States. They employ 5 office staff members, 8 pilots, 35 crew members, and have 10 balloons within their fleet. Currently run by Margie and Randy’s daughters, Amanda and Stephanie Long, the company continues to thrive, grow and mature. The company is carried on with the same inspiration, infatuation and commitment to a once-in-a-lifetime passenger experience as when it first began.

Stephanie and Amanda - Co-Owners of Hot Air Expeditions

Hot Air Balloon Rides

As Margie once said, “It’s the biggest stress-buster in the world. You forget the whole world, you get so absorbed in being up in the sky and being away from everything.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Hot Air Expeditions is ready to take you on an adventure of a lifetime, but don’t take our word for it! Click below to read reviews or book your balloon ride now!


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