Updated Friday, June 18th, 2021

We are happy to announce, that with vaccines readily available, as well as an ease in COVID-19 mandates + guidelines for the state of Arizona, we have adjusted some of our previously outlined health + safety procedures.

The following adjustments to our COVID-19 Health + Safety Procedures will go into effect as of June 19, 2021:

  • We are excited to welcome our 20 passenger hot air balloon back into the rotation!  This balloon is a great option for larger groups + gatherings who all wish to fly together in the same balloon, and will also be utilized for shared hot air balloon rides as well.  With the re-introduction of our 20 passenger balloon back into our hot air balloon fleet, our maximum balloon capacity is now 20 passengers per balloon, and our maximum passenger vehicle capacity will be 13 passengers per vehicle. Per company policy, we never fill our balloons or vehicles to their full capacity, for the comfort of our guests.

*Please be aware that due to the size of hot air balloon baskets, as well as weight and balance limitations, it is not possible to socially distance in a hot air balloon.

  • Face masks are now optional for all staff members + passengers for the duration of your time with us.
  • Staff member + passenger temperature checks are no longer required.
  • Our post-flight food service will continue to be provided in our standard dining format with community dining tables for shared hot air balloon rides, and private dining tables for private hot air balloon rides.

We will continue to sanitize all vehicles, balloons and shared surfaces after each and every flight, have disinfecting items + sanitizer readily available, and private hot air balloon rides will continue to be available. We continue to urge all staff members + passengers that are not feeling well to please stay home, and advise us as soon as possible of this occurrence.

Thank you for your support, which allows us to continue to showcase the beautiful Arizona Sonoran Desert from up, up and away!


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