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Thank You for Flying With Us!

After Your Tour

On behalf of the entire team at Hot Air Expeditions, thank you for flying with us!

If it weren’t for you we couldn’t make this amazing dream of hot air ballooning for a living possible, so if you have any feedback or if there is anything that we could have done to enhance your experience, please contact us here. Now that you’re a ballooning pro, want to share your experience, knowledge gained, or insider tips with others? Write a review here to help your fellow travelers out.

Of course, we hope this isn’t the last time we see you up, up and away, so keep in touch with us on Facebook, Instagram and on our blog, and the next time you cruise the skies with us, be sure to mention that you have flown with us before for a special discount! If you’re still dreaming about your ballooning experience, visit our online photo gallery for free, downloadable photos from your ballooning experience, as well as our gift shop for fun mementos of your trip, because you can’t take the clouds home…

Thank you again for choosing Hot Air Expeditions, we can’t wait to see you up in the air again soon!


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